need help with macro equipment selection


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Feb 20, 2009
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I keep reef aquariums for a hobby and I have a need to photograph corals that are small and their distinct details are very small. I am looking for a camera that is inexpensive ($100 - $150), "point and shoot" or manual is fine, I don't care which as long as it has high resolution capabilities on items that are less than 12 inches away and powerful zoom. It also has to be a digital camera for easy transfer of captured images into photoshop. Please help me find the best digital camera for the limited budget with macro functions being of the highest importance. It would be great if it also included a remote cord, or the ability to add one, for the shutter button but I expect that is too much to ask for the given price.

I look forward to your responses and I thank you for your help.
well at that price, your only going to get a point and shoot... and not a very good one at that... maybe a low end nikon coolpix... i just got my wife the coolpix s210 it cost around 180... but i found another shop today that had it for around 30 bucks cheaper...

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