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Aug 8, 2007
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Knoxville, TN
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I need some ideas for posing a 5 month old. I am going too take some pics of my niece and haven't done any of babys the youngest I have taken is four years old. Anybody have any ideas?
Probably a good place to give you thousands of ideas is to go on and do a search for baby poses.
OK, I have two toddlers and my advice is not to have her "pose." 5 month old baby will not sit still for more than a few seconds, unless she is sleeping. If you do get her to nap, you're in luck cause they are so darn cute asleep. Otherwise, just give her some toys/props and ask someone else to stand behind you and try and get the baby's attention - by clapping, smiling, calling baby's name. Just shoot away, babies look very natural as they do not "pose" so you'll get great shots.

Claud G
Just put her down and start shooting. I usually get 5-10 great shots per 100 but the parents usually like them all. That age is tough though because they can't really sit up too well on their own. I sometimes will have the parent off to the side just out of the shot and propping the kid up, move, and I snap away.

I agree. I have 3 children under the age of 3 and I've tried posing them in many different ways and the only one that has worked is the one they happen to be in at the moment. Typical easy ones is to lay them down & shoot from up above or lay them on their belly's on a pillow hopefully looking up at you. Grab a bean bag & prop them up as best you can. Keep it simple.

I got these after about 20 shots each:


If she can hold her head up it will make it a ton easier. Put her on a blanket and then get someone to get her attention behind you. Just remember to try and get on her level and don't shoot up the nose :)

Good Luck and have fun!


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