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    I'm pricing computer components for my dad to help him upgrade.

    The last part I'm hung up on is the monitor. There just doesn't seem to be enough data out there to make informed decisions. Manufacturer specs for monitors tend to be inaccurate, and monitors can vary wildly in performance and accuracy at the same price point.

    Sites like Tom's Hardware have excellent reviews like this one:
    but there aren't enough of monitors covered (and none of the monitors in that review are up to par).

    If anyone can help me out, I'd be grateful. What I'd like to see is color accuracy data, contrast, brightness, uniformity, etc. for a range of prices. Cameras seem to be tested and reviewed to within an inch of their lives, but I can't find the same for displays. :(

    If nothing else, personal experience would help too, but the benchmark tests are what I wish I could find.


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    Dell Ultrasharp WFP series.

    I have a 2007WFP and it's perfect. Great for colour accuracy, and awesome to edit photos on. Always reviewed as one of the best. The 2007 is a 20inch, but there's the 2407 and 3007 which are 24 and 30 inch respectively. Also, there's another widescreen dell I forget w hat it's called...looks exactly like the 2007wfp, but it's cheaper because it doesn't have the USB hub built in...

    Spent about 699 on mine back when it was new, and can justify that price. So whatever it is now, is a steal.
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    Try also I read up on some of their reviews on higher-end reference monitors a while back. Fairly balanced and comprehensive reviews. I use a Dell Ultrasharp 2007 also at work. It's decent for the price, but than again I do not have to be that crazy color accurate there. At home, I use a Samsung 22" widescreen. I do not do much pro-level photo work to warrant a reference monitor yet. After my next camera upgrade I will save up for a Lacie reference monitor or Wacom Cintiq.
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    My Samsung 215TW is a beautiful 21" monitor. The important thing with monitors is to buy a decent calibration tool - and use it regularly.
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    I have a 22" widescreen Acer monitor. The clarity and colour on it is amazing! Kingdom&crc=4230384553

    Display Size & Type 20”TN 473x296
    Resolution 1680X1050 WXGA
    Panel Technology TN film
    Brightness 300 cd/m2
    Color 16.2M (6 bit color)
    Pixel Pitch 0.282mm
    Contrast Ratio 800:1
    Response Rate 5ms
    Horizontal Viewing Angle 160°
    Vertical Viewing Angle 160°
    Backlight 4 Lamps
    Video Signal “Dual Input (DVI w/HDCP)”
    Video Mode Support VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, VESA, NEC and Apple
    Internal Speakers Yes, 1.5Wx2 Speakers
    Plug & Play DDC 1 & DDC2B
    Power Management VESA DPMS On:50W Off:1W Standby:1.5W
    Power Input External AC 100-240 V
    Power Consumption 50W
    Front Panel Controls brightness, contrast, picture position, pixel clock frequency, color
    select and adjust, 5 lanuages reset mode,power on/off sw,power
    led,function +/-,adjust +/-,
    Wallmount (VESA) Supported. 100mmX100mm
    Kensington Lock Supported
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 512x433x174 mm
    Weight Net: 6.8Kgs / Gross: 9.2 Kgs
    Certifications CE,FCC,UL,VCCI,CCC,TUV-GS, TCO03,ISO13406-2,Ctick,
    Warranty All Acer LCDs support a three year carry-in warranty.

    Product design award 2006

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