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need pro comments..


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Mar 7, 2012
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$IMG_1347.jpg$IMG_0744.jpg$IMG_1224.jpg$IMG_1096.jpg$IMG_0812.jpgi need comments on this photo's
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Im no pro, but it would help if these were numbered....

Cook is really contrasty and alot of motion blur

waterfall is I like alot

city is way to dark underexposed

boy at door is nice....opens up your imagination

boy at table....im undecided on this one.
Just out of curiosity, who do you "need pro comments"? Are you advanced to a level that only a pro could possibly give you useful insight?
thanks alot for the comment.. :)
no such thing bro.. i consider myself very new and everyone in this page a pro.. i guess i shud not use those words anymore..
The cook looks like HDR, and with people that technique does strange things to skin tones, or perhaps it is just tonemapped but again the skin tones don't appear attractive

The boy in the door frame whould be wonderful if the boy behind him wasn't growing out of his head.

Boy at table, dead center , crop and place him off center as the woman at the side will be better balance

I am over waterfalls, which isn't your fault;)
The boy in the doorway would be your best photo if the guy's head was not there. Maybe you can clone him out.
One thing a pro considers is image presentation.

Photos look better if there is some white space between them.

I recommend you edit your 1st post.
i dont get u.. u mean i should put borders?
city is way to dark underexposed

Exposure is hit on spot here, if not overexposed a bit (if you look at the sky).

The problem which makes it look rather dark, is the composition with a large unlit area dominating the lower central part of the image.
a non-pro suggestions:
#1 : kindly quote or address the concerned person in your replies

#2: There is an Indian saying even a child can be a Great Guru at times....

#3: KmH pointed not to post images pasted together....when images are posted without a gap in between them, the contents visually overlap that affects the observation and evaluation....

Image #1: it has full of life...personally i like the purple dominance in the image....

Image #2: By all means this is meant for a vertical crop.... or at least the fall should be more towards right...

Image #3; A major central portion drowned in darkness...that affects this image, i feel

Image #4: This image would have been classic, if the lady's head was not just above the kid and instead if she was more to the left, but seen blurred

Image #5: The cute face of the little girl should have been off center...her mother's presence-but less prominent- makes it a story too

Regards :D

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