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Mar 8, 2012
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$DSC_1489.jpg$DSC_0135.JPG$CSC_0119.JPG$DSC_0143_064.jpg$DSC_0021.JPG$DSC_1478.jpg$DSC_1330.JPG$DSC_0703.jpg im entering a 19 and under photo contest and im 14 years old, im just woundering witch pitcure you like best because an i pad is the grand prize i joined the fourm just to get some feedback on these pitcures. please help me out thanks
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What are the rules of the contest? Is it an 'open' contest, or are there categories.

It helps to more than "I'm entering a contest".
sorry, im new at this contest entering stuff, the contest has 3 catagories natcure and landscapes, unatral like buildings cities etc, and a random catagorie for anything eles so it is an open contest there are no rules other than you must take them yourself and it is being hosted at a library
i like the train, but wish it wasnt cropped as much. i see what your going for but i kinda think that photo would be really good if it was a little bit wider...
$DSC_0720.jpgyou mean more like that,
please reply i dont cear about your skill level i just want your opinion and the contest in in a month so you can reply any time it wont be to late
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The rocks and the breaking wave is the best landscape shot I think.
All your images look skilled works... \

#1: if the tire was not at the center and looked a bit tilted instead of being parallel to the lens would have greater impact
6th image is the best of all ;)

Regards :D
Well, isn't that just like me, I can't make up my mind between # 1 and # 6

Nice Work
thanks keep replying
I like shot no.6 nice contrast of the rocks and the sun shinning on the horizon and the reflections off the water & rocks and the shadows. Nice job.

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