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Feb 26, 2006
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I am planning to get a D300 and along with it, probably a new lens. Help me recommend a good lens that is not overly priced and has zoom. Currently I have...

-Nikon D70s

-Nikon 18-70mm
-Nikon 50mm f/1.8
-Nikon 70-300mm

-Nikon SB-800
-Nikon SC-29

Thanks for any help!
I dont really shoot Macro that often, so I dont think I will be using it that much. How about a Nikon 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED with VR?
I just bought that lens: 24-120 VR, I love it. at times in low light it will be needed to either have a tripod of risk noise by increasing the ISO. I bought it to replace my 18-70 that came with my D70 back in the day.

I am not at home at the moment however I will be sure to send a few pictures to you with the lens itself.

another lens that happened to be the debate between this one was the 28-105 F/3.5-4.5... something to look into.
Personally the least I would put on that body is something like a 17-55 2.8 or depending on your needs a longer lens like the 70-200VR 2.8 . If you cannot afford lenses like these you should really consider buying something like a D80 and investing your money in decent glass and then get a body lik the D300. Your glass is a better long-term investment an will last you through any body youdecide to buy. If you want to stick with the slow glass you really ought to just go with what you already have really, I don't see muh point in buying a new lens if it is the same quality you already have and anything short of a 2.8 would really be a waste of money to you. And by the way PLEASE do not let anyone con you into buying and 18-200 VR.

18-200 is the best lens for walk-around photography for D300. I have one and i love it.
It (the 18-300) is a total waste of $700+. You have to be crazy to spend in excess of $700 for a marginally sharp, and, slow lens. I guess if you have all that money to blow it is ok but I just don't kno why you would want image quality to suffer for convenience if you want that why not just use a point and shot camera it will probably take better pictures. But I digress we should not highjack the op's thread there have been lots of discussions on that lens elsewhere.
Very funny :mrgreen:
If you're getting the D300, please define what you mean by "not overly priced and has zoom". You already have the focal range from 18-300mm.

I would say that I have a lot of fun with my 12-24mm f/4, but I don't know if that falls in the "not overly priced" category. But there is nothing wrong and quite a bit right with using prime lenses.
Well I agree with JIP that you should really be looking for some good glass to compliment the excellent quality of the D300. What do you use more, your 18-70 or your 70-300, I would buy an upgrade to replace the one you use the most, you should be looking at zoom lenses with a 2.8 fixed aperture. The Nikon brand might seem pricey, but some of the sigma and Tamron equivalents get excellent reviews as well.

Money is better put into glass than bodies.
Well I use my 18-70 the most. Currently my budget is around $800 just for the lens, I will look into the 12-24mm since it is around my budget and also because I do like wide angles. Thanks for all the help though :thumbup:
BTW, is there an alternative to the 17-55mm that is almost just as good as the Nikon one?
Also, ive been looking into the Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6, any opinions on this glass?
Dont forget about 10.5 if your into wide angles. I had a lot of fun with it.

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