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Need some advice...quick!


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Jan 3, 2008
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Im making my purchase tomorrow! Im getting into shooting events such as Bat Mitzvah's, weddings and I also do a lot of modeling shoots (studio as well as on location). Right now im shooting with a 40d. I have around a G to spend on glass. Would you guys get a 24-105L or would you get the tammy 17-50 non vc along with the canon 70-200 f4 non is ??? I was thinking I should do the latter because I could use the tammy for indoor events and the canon for my modeling work. Of course my ultimate goal is to produce the sharpest pic.

My second question is since im planning on purchasing a second body would you guys buy a new technology crop sensor camera or get a 5d classic? Again I want to keep it around a G. Your help is appreciated guys & gals!!
My second shooter used the 24-105, and we were both impressed by the sharpness and contrast. Plus, it's a fabulous range for a lens that's f/4 throughout all focal lengths. Fabulous lens.

I always suggest going with your camera brand's glass, and this one is great for the type of work you intend to do.

I would save more money for a 70-200. I would recommend an f/2.8. You will need the extra stop in a long lens when you're shooting inside dark churches. But, you could always start with the f/4 and upgrade later.
Not the 24-105-L. The wider end is not that good,and it will NOT be a wide-angle on a crop-body camera, while the 17-50/2.8 will be. The 124-105-L is only f/4, so that will not activate the double-precision cross-type sensors in your camera; those require an f/2.8 or faster aperture lens. If you had a full-frame camera, the 24-105 would make more sense, but on a 40D, it's got no wide-angle capabilitiy to speak of AND its low end (the shorter end) is not as good optically as maybe it could be. I own the 24-105-L and shoot it on a FF Canon most of the time. I've tried it on my 20D, but it's just not that good on that 1.6x sensor,especially indoors.
Derrel at what focal length does the 24-105 start to sharpen up and do you think it would be a decent upgrade from the 28-135 that im currently using? DC was your second shooter using a FF or crop?? I really appreciate your help!
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