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Sep 27, 2010
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Hey guys, I recently have made friends with a BEAUTIFUL girl, in reality she is my dream girl. she is nice, sweet, kind, caring.... everything. I want to take pictures of her for her senior pictures (we are both 17, nothing creepy going on). This being said I don't shoot portraits so I dont know poses. Where should I look for poses for her and or can you post some pictures for me that you think would be flattering?
The most important thing for senior pictures IMO would be to make sure she looks natural in her poses, has a nice smile, and feels comfortable. For you -- find a nice location where the background won't be too distracting (cars, people, etc, etc.) and MAKE SURE that they are senior pictures, and not a model shoot, or make her look like she's going to prom. SHe should look like she normally would, except with her nicest clothes on and maybe a little hairdo and make-up, whatever she be happy with.
I would suggest magazines, or do searches on things like flickr. Good luck with that though.
The best place to look for great photo shoots is the magazine, pro photo web sites.
There are also more resources on the photo review shows, where there is great posers.
Take time to view their gallery.
:shock: Thank goodness you said you're both 17, I was gonna call you a proud creeper.

Roofies always work. :lmao:
& try not to moan when she does strike a good one, that'd be awkward.

Does she want traditional Senior pictures, or does she want to have something new? Studio vs Nature, etc.
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This thread isnt too creepy...

It isn't, but can you hold
for a second?
Whatever you do, do NOT hold MattxMosh's meat. Especially behind the gyro stand.

Bad things happen.

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