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Im trying to fix(and eventually use) my fathers Minolta Maxxum spxi. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it when i stumbled upon a website for my problem. I concluded that the aperture control unit was bummed out. therefore, I took it to the local shop and they quoted 130.00 dollars plus shipping, and 6-8 weeks to get it back. Now, you guys tell me...worth it or not?

My daughter had the same problem with her 3xi and that was what it cost her, so the repair price is about right. It's your call. You can get a new Minolta body for $100 more.
My thoughts exactly dlc. thank you! It was a great camera when it worked, Im thinking of trying to find a refurbished spxi body somewhere... we will see!

I have an old Pentax ME Super, and the shutter release got ripped out somehow. Don't ask how, it was given to me.. Anyway, I asked about a repair cost, and was quoted $75 bench fee and probably a $150 repair cost. i could buy a new body for less than that. So I did what anyone would do. Smashed it to see how it works. ;)
unfortunately vinn, This camera has value for me in other ways...come to think of it, it doesnt have much. hmmm ::grabs hammer from tool box::

not that I dont treat my equipment well, but if it's broken, it's of no use to me. so if it's gonna cost more to repair than to replace, out comes the hammer.
thats a good way to put it. I got a 5 pound sledge out back...

md :twisted:

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