Need some feed back on this pic. What do you all think?


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Aug 27, 2011
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Hello all! I just purchased this Rokinon 14mm f2.8 and went out to shoot my first wide image. what do you all think? Any feed back would be much appreciated.
I suspect this image was cropped ... I don't have a feeling of a super-wide angle ??
The top of the bridge is too close to the edge of the frame. It needs a bit more breathing room.
It's too warm and a little dark.
You also need to catch more of the top and less water.
Or a panorama...

I suspect this image was cropped ... I don't have a feeling of a super-wide angle ??
Unfortunately I have a 5100 so a 14mm is really maybe like a 20mm?

Thank you all for the feed back. I'll give it another shot.
I actually like the shot with more water in it.

I live right outside of Sacramento, about 30 mins, and I see shots like this a lot. Heck I've even shot a few of my own. Most have a ton of head room.

I like the reflection and the coloring of it. Typically I see it mid day or dead at like midnight or so. So to say this one actually caught my eye, for me at least, says a lot. It's a great shot and would looks great as a metal print.

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Try to lower the highlights a bit and a larger (wider) approach will look better. Personally I don't like the blurry reflections in the water and a little less warming will help as well. Play with it you might find new things to improve [emoji106].

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It is not "unfortunate" that you own a Nikon D5100 unless you lost your D810 somehow.

It looks like a non-wide-angle shot to me also.

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