Need to learn some Smartphone Camera Basics Quick


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Jan 3, 2010
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Kansas City
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Hi there,

I recently got a new smart phone : HTC 626

Im really impressed with the speed of the phone, and the camera is really pretty darn good out of the box. Its not quite as impressive as my buddies galaxy s6 but its pretty close. Anyways, I really need a quick start on some basics.

What are the most important features of the phone to have control over for quality images? I definitely notice that alot of the automatic settings for human detection and such mess with my landscape photos of merchandise and stuff in my store.

What's the best way to edit videos on a smart phone? I want a few decent features but nothing too complicated. My phone came with an editor called ZOE editor, but i feel its a bit too basic.

If someone could just answer me or direct me to some really well written articles or well done youtube videos about the most important features to have control over in the camera and something about a good solid light weight video editor i'd appreciate it :)

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