Neutral Density/Stop Down Filter

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    no. Look at B/H and you probably want to shoot for B+W, Hoya, Tiffen (in that order). You may want a couple at various different stages such as a 0.6 and maybe a 1.8 depending on what you are doing. Remember if you are putting crappy glass in front of a decent lens, then you are cutting it's optical performance. If that doesn't matter to you, then ebay is fine. Also, you would be well advised to get filters to go on your largest diameter lens and then use step rings/filters to fit the other lenses of smaller filter size to avoid buying the same filters for each lens.

    Neutral Density factors
    • ND.3 (exposure adjustment = 1 stop, reduces ISO 1/2)
    • ND.6 (exposure adjustment = 2 stops, reduces ISO 1/4)
    • ND.9 (exposure adjustment = 3 stops, reduces ISO 1/8)
    • ND 1.8 (exposure adjustment = approx. 6 stops, transmits 1% of light,)
    • ND 3.0 (exposure adjustment = 10 stops, transmits 0.1% of light)
    • ND 4.0 (exposure adjustment = 13-2/3 stops, transmits 0.01% of light)
    • ND 6.0 = (exposure adjustment = approx. 20 stops)

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