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Oct 1, 2010
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I am planning on opening an Old Time Photography studio in Colorado. There are many things for me to learn for sure but I have two points I really am struggling for straight answers on, so here they are.

Printers. Now i need to be able to print high quality photos in a reltively fast time. I have been recommended the DNP dye sub 80 printer. This thing can output up to 8" by 12" and I am getting print samples sent in the mail. My question is, is this the way to go here? Is it worth me forking out for an additional ink jet that can output wider photos/and act as a backup. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Software. I need some kind of software that is used on computers that the customer views their pics on. Does this need to be high end software? I have been advised on software ranging from $100 to $1000. So if i have some crappy software up front that does the job, what kind of software do i need in the back of the store. It does not need to be as pro as Adobe Photo Shop, it needs to be simple, user friendly etc. I have been recommended Express Digital software on the high end. Is this good? Again any info/guidance greatly appreciated.

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