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Nov 27, 2007
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Hi all,

This is my first post.

I am fairly new to photography. Last year i took a gap year and travelled the world and developed a love for photography. Sadly I only had an Ixus 55 but managed notheless to take some pretty good photos (from a technical not quality point of view).

Now i have returned I want to buy a DSLR. I have been reading around now for weeks and feel that I am almost ready to make a purchase.

I am opting for the Canon 40d. I know many people might say that this is way overkill for a first DSLR but I want to buy something that will last and that I can 'grow into' as i get better.

The big problem i'm having is selecting appropriate lenses for it.

Now money is not really a problem but i'm not going to be spending $2000 on a single lens.

Some people say that the 'L' lenses are not worth it on a APS-C camera (due to the lack of full frame) and to stick with the 'EF-S' lenses. First i would like to know if this is true. Would i be wasting my money as I have my eye on the 1.6 24-105mm L which in the UK is just within what I'm willing to pay for a single decent quality lens. The focal range is appealing as is the large apperture it offers for dim shots.

My second question is that I presume i will also need a telephoto lens to accompany this lens? I think the lens above will give me the equivalent focal length of 105 * 1.6 = 168mm (if my reading has taught me anything?) so it would kind of give me an almost near telephoto lens as it is?

The types of photos that i'll be taking are wildlife, scenery (landscapes and buildings) and some portrait work (photos of animals at close distance).

Sorry for the essay but i wanted to tell you as much as i could so that it helped to assist me.

In a nutshell i would like to know which lenses i should go for and if the 'L' series lenses are worth buying for my choice of the Canon 40d?

Marc :wink:
I have the 40d and I have to say it is a great camera. I can't answer all your "Tech" Questions but I have to say I love my EF 28-135mm IS Lense. I also really enjoy my 50mm 1.4. Very very sharp images. May not be good for long distances and landscapes but I LOVE it for the everyday images and have even used it in a wedding. Very sharp pictures. I have been playing in Photography for about 3 years but have only been "in Business" for about 19 months. I am sure there are more pros out there who can give you a better idea!
Go for the L lens you will NOT be disappointed. L's are better all around, they may not make AS MUCH of a difference on a X1.6 FOVC body camera but they will still indeed, be different, and most likely (depending on what you compare to, there are a few "gem"s amungst the non-Ls) will still make a difference that is not only there but noticable too.

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