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May 22, 2006
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Wirral, UK.
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I have a Cannon eos 500n with a 35-80 lens and a 75-300 ultrasonic zoom lens.. As you know this is a analogue setup and its great for what I want, but developing films without knowing if they are good, is becoming expensive..

I am wondering how much a similar, digital camera would cost, without going overboard..

Thanks, a great forum!!
Thanks, My buget is around ÂŁ500 max.

I like Cannon but I will buy another make if it is the same quality..

The zoom lens is not essential but would be great if it came in a bundle.
K :) well:

the canon 350D is around ÂŁ445 body only

From what ive heard the Digital Rebel XT is a good camera.. i thnk a lot of people on here use it.

Another option is to go Nikon :D The D50 starts from around ÂŁ350 now with a lens i think so its well within your budget.. theres also the D70 which would also be within your budget.... really its a choice of what brand you want to go. They all produce great images :)
thanks again.. I have a look around..

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