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LOL...sorry, I don't go into those other forums and didn't see those threads.
No problem, sounds alot like a D90.
No problem, sounds alot like a D90.
It certainly does. I would say the D90 was the target for this release. They one-upped the D90 with the crippled 1080/20fps video on top of the 720 the D90 already has.

The 15mp sensor with all the other goodies certainly puts the T1i within reach of the D90. We'll see how the reviews go, but the D90 is one tough cookie to beat.
Haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but Canon announced a new entry level DSLR the other day...the T1i. Replaces the XSi as the top entry level DSLR from Canon.

Here's a review.

Here's another review.

I checked this out last night after I saw you mention it in another thread. I really wanted the XSI but this looks even better. I think I would have a hard time getting the D90 with this on the market, but who am I kidding, I'm stuck with the d60 for a couple of years anyways.
I wonder why they would do this so soon after the XSI came out. This will probably kill the XSI...or do you think they only care about sticking it to Nikon?
The video is a nice option, and I use it my D90 once in a while. 1080p video would be nice to have, but not at 20 FPS. At that frame rate it will appear too choppy and defeats the purpose. 30 FPS should be the bare minimum for high resolution video. 60 FPS would be preferred. Otherwise I'm sure this new Canon is a great camera.
looks nice! i dont care for the video feature though. i like that it has 3200 ISO and a digic 4 processor. i bet 1600 shots look alot better than they do my XSi with the digic 3.
Remember the 50D with its 15MP sensor did not favour well in the reviews - its high ISO noise performance was no better than that of the older 40D camera (even though it was over a large image). Further its noise reduction is such that one needs to have the very best of lenses on it (L quality and similar sharp lenses) in order to get the finer details in subjects - this is clearly not good for the 500D which is a lower order camera so should have worse ISO performance and thus have an even greater need for better quality glass - something very at odds with the sort of person that is attracted to the rebel series of cameras as a starting point - many just don't have the funds for a pro end bit of glass.

I will wait and see but I am not that impressed in that department - video is a good adition and I am glad to see it as it means that canon intend to have video as a staple of their future camera bodies (yes I am an evil photographer who wants video in his DSLR!)
I only hope that canon stop with the MP rises now at 15MP and start to focus on the other areas of the camera

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