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New computer - Apple or Windows?


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Jan 16, 2016
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Hi all. I'm new to photography haven just acquired a D5500 w kit lens.

Simultaneously my computer reached the end of its life last week.

I have zero experience in post-processing.

Is there a preference for apple vs Windows software? Or are they the same?

From what I gather, monitor selection will be important. Does this make the iMac 5k more attractive?

Thanks for your thoughts.
All depends on your budget. I like apple and have been using a macbook pro for about 5 years now and will never go back.

I just tried out the new 5k iMac and they are pretty sweet! If you have the money, don't look elsewhere.

Just make sure to upgrade the RAM and processor and you'll have no problems.
I just purchased a new computer specifically for photography, and I found this page very helpful: Mac vs. PC for Photographers: The ULTIMATE Guide

Down at the bottom he shares the recommended requirements for a computer. I basically just plugged those in and bought the computer that popped out, which ended up being a Dell XPS with a 30" UltraSharp monitor. It literally just arrived, so I haven't had a chance to really use it, but it seems incredible so far.
Is there a preference for apple vs Windows software? Or are they the same?
Some softwares are available in either platform.

Each platform has some softwares that are not available on the other platform.

If you are used to one platform, the switching over might take some getting used to.

Generally, Apple (hardware) is more expensive than the typical Windows machine.

Apple has discontinued support for Aperture, which is what I use on my iMac.

Apple has decided that every Mac user shall use and like their particular default software for photos, whether it suits your purposes or not. I have put the default software aside and use only Aperture3 now.

Macintosh computers can be partitioned to install both IOS and Windows operating systems, in case you can't decide which software version to purchase, or want something from each operating system.
Over the years I've used Mac and IBM/DOS machines. Graphics were better on the MACs but software and accessories were less expensive and more varied on the IBM. Most recently I've used Dell machines and Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge. Other software for working tethered with my Nikon and creating videos and PowerPoint presentations has been easy with the Dell. I also find that more people have the DOS OS so it's easy to move files around. I also use the entire MS Office Suite quite a bit but don't know if those all work on MAC now or not.
I switched to a MPB Dec 2014 and don't regret it at all. I will be converting the entire family to apple as they go down or I upgrade.
I switched to Mac many many years ago out of frustrations with constantly having Windows problems. I am really happy with the switch and can't imagine ever switching back.

I think the initial purchase price of the Mac is higher (but they do use higher quality components and it shows) but the total cost of ownership is definitely less (there's so much included with the Mac that you'd have to pay extra for on a Windows machine).

Also there's the advantage that if there ever is a problem, Apple Care is 24x7 phone support and if you have to take a machine in for service, chances are good that there's an Apple Store near you. Depending on the problem, a problem might be resolved while you're at the store, or if they do have to service it, it'll probably be done in a day or two (not months or even weeks.)
I was always Windows with work and used the same at home, but the rest of the family was always Apple.

I used to always upgrade my machines to the latest software and hardware and I preferred Windows and would spend a fair amount of time adjusting the system how I wanted it. Now I prefer to spend less time setting up the computer and more time taking pictures. Have recently added some Macs and those are pretty much what I prefer now that I have finally become accustomed to the system.

I have many of the same software programs running on both types of systems.
If you want the best you will get a PC because you can actually make it the best.

If you want really good at a premium price you will buy a Mac.

If you want really good at a reasonable price you will buy a PC.

Don't buy into the "Mac hardware is higher quality." It's not. It's the same Intel processor as the 3 year old PC you bought. And the exact same low end video card you can choose for your PC.

The only difference is in software. A lot of it is on both platforms. There is a handful of exclusive Mac applications. And a massive amount of PC applications.

That leaves us with operating systems. Since Windows 7 and especially since Windows 10 the arguments for MacOS has diminished. People will say my 5yo Mac runs as quick as the day I bought it. Well my 5yo PC runs faster than the day I bought it.

Also with the iMac when you need to upgrade you have to pay for a monitor you don't need. With a PC you buy a good monitor and it will out last 2 or 3 computers.
I have always used Windows, and I can't imagine switching over. No reason to. I've never seen a good argument in recent years. I think there used to be valid differences in software and hardware, but I don't see it anymore. Some people are the exact opposite, and would never go to Windows.

Just FYI, I built my PC. I like it because I can choose exactly the features I need, don't need, and want to spend extra on. Then I can upgrade each piece whenever I want. Now, you can do that on a Mac desktop, but not to the extent you can building your own Windows box. But forget about upgrading any component of an iMac.
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Cliff notes on the thread.
Mac VS PC debate has been dead for a while. They'll both work very well.
It boils down to what software do you wish to use and is it available on the operating system you currently use? If so why switch? If not time to switch.
And for the price comparison, you can build a similarly priced PC if you put the same components in each. There's really not that much difference in price.

Also, you can build a faster PC for cheaper if you skimp on certain things. Sure you can build a PC that's faster than a Mac Pro for cheaper, but you'll be using consumer grade processors and RAM as opposed to server grade and that's where the cost savings comes in.

But price a 27" 5K monitor and a computer with the exact same hardware as an iMac and you'll come in pretty close.

I prefer my self built PC for my desktop, HP for my server, Apple for my notebook, and Dell for my micro PC. Basically, use what works for you. Hell, if you're savvy enough you can put OS X on a PC. It can be a bit of a challenge.

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