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Dec 21, 2004
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I have owned a Nikon D70 for about 4 years now and am looking at upgrading. I am considering switching over to canon and am looking at the 50d. I don't have much into my current setup, the cheap lens that came with the D70, a sigma 70-300, and SB600 flash.
I know with my upgrade I will also be spending a lot of cash on fast lenses and such. My next purchase will lock me into a brand just just because of the investment price. I just wanted some opinions on weather canon offers better digital SLRs or is it a toss up.
Its a tossup. Totally. Perhaps look more at the lens line-up.
You might also not have thought about the fact that you would be throwing away lots of experience with Nikon that you would completely have to redo with Canon. If Canon has something you really want/need then it certainly may be worth it, if not, I see it as a huge waste of time. Neither system is really any "better" than the other.

What would you upgrade to in Nikon?
Are you switching to Canon for fast primes? You mentioned fast lenses. Canon offers lots of fantastic non-L primes. Does Nikon not meet your needs in this department. What are you not liking about Nikon?
Thanks for the info everyone. After what I read here and from doing a little more research I thinks that I am going to go and pick up the d200 or maybe the 300. Now that I know they are much the same i will stick with the company that I know and just invest in some fast telephotos for my nature photography.
Fast telephotos is a major reason to switch to Canon! Compair the Nikon and Canon equivalent lens and the prices. Nikon 500mm and 600mm f/4 lens are way more expensive than Canon's! And optically very similar.
If you're shooting nature and wildlife why not go FF? If you're shooting nature and wildlife you won't be that happy with a D200 or D300. You will at first, but it will wear off. Both people I know that shoot this stuff switched over very quickly when they started shooting digital.

The best advice is go and rent a couple of systems and try them. It's worth the money. :thumbup:
i would second the post about renting out a camera for a day or so.

canon and nikon are both good companies; however the function buttones are quite different.

for example, when metering, the over/under "ticks" go in the opposite directions.

they will feel different best way to have a better understanding of what works for you is to handle one in the field..

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