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Apr 30, 2009
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Hello everyone, I am Bianca, and I am new to the forum. I recently purchased a Nikon D40(about 3 months ago) after spending years shooting with a simple point and shoot digital. I always got great pictures with my point and shoot, but the clarity is what I wanted. Anyways, I am still learning how to adjust my camera for the crappy lighting at most concerts, but I was hoping to get some critique on the pictures I have taken so far.

Here are some pictures






Thanks a lot everyone!!

Oh, any input on a good camera setting for when bands use a lot of fog would be awesome!! This is killing me!!
New DSLR photographer? I'm skeptic! These are too good.
i especially like the monochrome. nice shot!
Great pics!! Looks like those years of P&S photography really paid off! Getting concert pics to look really creative seems difficult. However you did it very well!

Yeah concerts are tuff expecially the concerts I go to because the musicians are buck wild and crazy LOL.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for shooting in a situation with lots of fog on stage.
WOW!!! Those photos are insane, I can't believe the clarity. What setting were you using(shutter speed, ISO)? What kind of lens did you use, and was it well lit? Very nice shots.

Wow, these are some pretty sick shots!

Fantastic job, how do you get such great shots like this at a concert? Have these even been edited?
1,2 & last are my favorites
and it looks like you've had your DSLR for a long time because those pictures are amazing, expecially since the first picture was taken on the day you got the camera. thats just amazinggg :)
The first photo was taken with the D40 out of the box on manual setting. The venue had bad lighting, and my least favorite of things, 2 fog machines. The lens I used was the one that came with the camera, and it is a Nikon 18-55mm DX vibration reduction lens.

All of the other photos were taken on my D40 with the settings per Ken RockwallÂ’s site for P. I used a Nikon AF-S 55-200mm Zoom Nikkor lens. He has his settings custom with an emphasis on vibrancy.

The lighting really varied on the events, but none of them had good lighting really. I edit all of my photos in photo shop, but I really do not know what I am doing in photo shop (I follow a lot of tutorials), but on concert pictures I mostly just mess with the curves and I add RGB layers with a soft light or overlay or sometimes screen.

But thank you guys so much for the compliments. I really cannot wait to see how my pictures come out once I understand how to work my camera. I am registering for a class at school this Fall!

I just ordered a Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S Prime Nikkor Lens. Someone told me I needed a prime lens, so I cant wait to see what this one does.
All of them are great, execpt I think that the second one is a bit dark.

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