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Jun 5, 2013
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Hello all,
Im new to the forum and just getting into photography. I am looking to get into action photography and video and also product display. I want to start with product display because I feel it may be the best way to start for me.
Experience- 0% (other than my phone pics) LOL

What is the best budget camera to start? Also a set up for small to medium size shots(Photo booth-lighting etc)

Thanks guys....
Hey there Dakota. I'm fairly new to the world of photography myself and I started with a simple, but effective Canon T3i. As far as a set up for booth-lighting in such I have no clue, but hopefully someone more experienced chimes in with a good answer.

Welcome, I am new here and also in ND. I just bought a D5200 at Sam's Club and so far love it. They have some good deals for lower price cameras too. I am North of Grand Forks. If you get up this way we can do some shoots and learn together.
Welcome aboard.

There are many decent cameras that you can start with, you just have to decide: on a budget, what features you want, and what feels right in your hands.
Lighting, as well, depends on your budget and what you hope to accomplish. A good place to start (general flash lighting) is The Strobist. Depending on what size items you are shooting, you can make a simple "light box" with a cardboard box and a few sheets of tracing paper and use a couple of basic clamp-on shop lights.
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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