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Dec 28, 2007
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HI everyone. My name is mike and I've been highly interested in photography for some time but never had the nerve to make the financial commitment. That all changed when I went out for my birthday and bought myself a new d40x. I've been working with my sister very closely who is a photography education major, but so far i have only the basics down like shutter speed and aperture settings. My focus is a bit wobbly and i cant seem to get a hang of ISO settings.

on a side note: i thought i did a lot of research on the d40x, but i apparently didn't do enough to know there was no bracketing on this camera. HDR manually i suppose :(
Welcome to TPF. I live in NYC and have a D40x. Where in NYC do you live?

Welcome Mike, glad you found us. There are a bunch of great people here with lots of advise and info. Great place to learn.
Welcome aboard.
thanks all. helen b, i go to school and dorm at 55th between 2nd and 3rd. I'm actually home for break right now.
sweet deal, mike.

im just across the river!

welcome to TPF!

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