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May 23, 2006
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Hi everyone,
I'm from the Keystone State, Pennsylvania. Army veteran and photographer. I was surfing around on the net and found this forum and joined. This is only the second forum I've ever joined. I hope to contribute often. I have just started shooting weddings for some extra money. I guess I'm considered a dinosaur because I still use film-haven't gone digital yet-35mm and 120mm. I just purchased a 4 x 5 Crown Graphic, and just shot my first film with it today. WOW!!! all I can say about the results. Well, anyway, when I'm not shooting weddings I like to shoot trains and classic cars along with cityscapes and landscapes. Now that spring is here I got my Corvette out of storage. As usual, it rained the day I brought it home. It is a fun hobby though. Look forward to learning a lot on here and interacting with everyone.
Sincerely Tim:D
Hi Tim,
glad you joined. Sounds like you are doing some interesting work, and you will feel quite at home here among a good many 100%-film photographers and those who are happy to do both and explore all sorts of photography, digital included.
Feel very welcome to ThePhotoForum, and start posting photos really soon, will you?
Hi Tim, welcome to TPF!!
Hey Tim, you're no dinosaur, a lot of us shoot film in MF and LF. Feel free to post your pics and welcome to TPF.
Welcome Tim, only been a member myself for a couple of weeks and appreciate its content. I used to own a "Speed Graphic" many years ago and have spent many years shooting anything from 35mm to 10x8. Using your Crown Graphic, you'll soon want to purchase a proper view camera with movements. Anyway gotta go home, dinners waiting. Philip.

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