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Mar 11, 2012
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Vancouver, Canada
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Took these with my Canon SX120 point & shoot camera, planning to get myself a Canon 7D when I get better at this.


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Thank you.
I have the old analog Canon EOS SLR camera which I used for many years and just beginning to go into the digital world a few years ago,
bought point & shoot camera to try and I am having fun with it but my future want is the Canon 7D. No more roll of films to buy which is wonderfull and edit on the go.
Here is a nice shot that I took but forgot I left the date & time stamp on which ruined the shot.

This shot was taken with a Canon SX120 point & shoot camera. Since then I was able to open this camera with more functionality then what a factory default setting was A group called CHDK
which you can google and find out, with a firmware update now I can do time lapse ( did not have to buy intervalometer ) & also motion sensing and a whole lot of other functions which I am
starting to discover. I hear that there is another one called "Magic Lantern" all on the Canon cameras.
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