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Oct 1, 2010
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Hey guys. I just registered on here after reading for the past few days.

I bought my first dSLR (a Rebel XTi) back in 2008 when I was getting ready to move to Oman. It traveled the world with me. I never got that good with it, but certainly enjoyed playing around.

This past August I took a trip back to the Middle East (using Jordan as a home base). I went into Palestine for 4 days, didn't take my computer to upload my pictures though. I had taken 400+ pictures of Jerusalem (Dome of the rock, etc.), Ramallah (Arafat's tomb), and Nablus (Balata refugee camp). I crossed the border back into Jordan and got a driver back to where I was staying. After a long argument with the driver standing outside of the car, he jumped in the car and sped off. A minute later I realized the camera was still in his car!

The next day I commissioned another taxi driver to take me to find the guy from the day before. We succeeded, but he denied everything (I suspect it was already sold off).

Up until recently every time I even thought about photography I got nauseous. This past week I mustered up the strength to order myself a new one. I now have a T1i and a Canon 17-85mm lens. Still working on building up the accessories that vanished with my old camera.

This time I have vowed to learn as much as possible. The tutorials thread on this forum has been keeping me busy. Feel free to mock me for any dumb questions I may ask.
Welcome to the forum...that sucks you lost your camera

The camera itself isn't what I'm upset about losing. The pictures on it were just so powerful. The things I was taking pictures of carry so much importance in religion/history/politics that I was looking forward to sharing them.

When I found the guy who took it I told him that he could keep the camera, and that I would PAY him for the memory card. Oh well, guess I have to go back.
Captured memories can never be replaced when its lost or in your case, stolen. Really hate that happened to you dude!

I travel a couple times a year to Jamaica and there are some issues down there with theft as well. Generally I try to bring 30+GB of memory cards and I remove them from my camera a few times a day just in case.... If I upload them to my laptop I keep the original memory cards in another location until I get home just in case...

With that said, I brought a cheap video camera along to film driving around in the mountains and someone stole the camera and the memory card before I had a chance to upload the footage or remove the memory card. I figured out who stole it but efforts 10 hours later were fruitless since it was already sold for less than a cost of a six pack of beer.
Yeah, I have certainly learned my lesson. Just ordered another memory card, I'll be stocking up on them.

I was really kicking myself. Before crossing the border from the West Bank to Jordan (Israeli controlled border), I was considering hiding my memory cards. I just didn't want them giving me a hard time if they saw pictures I had taken of the "apartheid wall" and whatnot. Unfortunately I didn't end up doing it, and it would have saved all of my pictures!

Here is one of the last pictures I got on the XTi... didn't have a tripod with me unfortunately.


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