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Jan 18, 2010
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Six weeks old and rescued from a neighbor's garage - other cats not that appreciative yet ...

$phoebe 080713-2.jpg$phoebe 080713-4.jpg
Aww, its adorable! Have you named it yet?
Aw! What a sweet new friend! Enjoy :)
Aww, its adorable! Have you named it yet?

I never stop naming mine, my kitten's latest name is Peanut Butter Cotton Balls.

Her name is Phoebe. I was suggesting names of jazz singers and my wife mentioned Phoebe Snow, who is sort of a jazz singer, so we settled on that.

Ours sometimes get names based on their early behavior. We had one a while back named Nipper ...
Very nice pics, I am not a cat person but two years ago we got a little calico. The mother was hit by a car and the kitten was only 2 days old. I will say now that she is an adult, she is the only cat I have ever liked.
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Thanks for the giggle! She is too cute!!
I would have named her freckle for that adorable spot on her hind end. My 3 year old son named our last jet black cat. Having a hard time choosing I offered "name it something black". Pencil cat was born! It stuck for a week until he changed it to Vadar. She had the disposition of the Sith Lord as well. Have fun with your new buddy!!

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