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Aug 18, 2015
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Hello everyone! I just got my first DSLR in March and I'm already addicted. Currently I'm shooting with a Nikon D5500 and I have the 18-140mm kits lens as well as a Nikkor 50mm 1.8G lens. I also signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud which seemed like the best route. While I have access to Photoshop, I mainly use Lightroom as I find it more user friendly.

I have always wanted to get into photography but I never had the financial resources but after a long time saving and a ton of research, I took the plunge. My wife and I have two children ages 11 and 12 and we found out that we were pregnant with our third. When my oldest were born, I was deployed in Iraq with the US Army and I missed out on both their births and for the first two years of their lives, I watched them grow up with pictures. Having a third on the way gave me the opportunity to experience this miracle and I wanted to make sure I was able to get photos to cherish. This was all the motivation I needed to purchase a camera. My son was born in May and I have been taking photos non stop. I like to shoot portraits, landscapes, and cars. My subjects are mainly my children however, I have started doing some shoots for family and friends who have asked.

I look forward to learning more and participating any way that I can. Thanks for having me!
Living in North Prov, Working in Lincoln.
Oh cool! We may have to go shoot sometime lol.

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