New Nikon Store

I think that is a simply great idea, to sell directly to the public via the world wide web. The Apple Store has had a great result for Apple Computer. If I were Best Buy, I'd be peeved at Nikon!
You make a good point here. What does this mean about all the other places that sells refurbs from Nikon? Will both places offer them and just be in sync with taking them off the lists, or will all refurbs being sold from a company be sold from Nikon?

They seem to be a little more expensive than other on-line sources but not by a lot. Although $20 saved is something else you can buy!
Well, just for grins I tried to purchase a D5000 and the only option it gave me was "Where to Purchase" which did nothing but list all the retailers and on-line stores to buy from. None of them was direct-Nikon.

So it looks like a mix of direct-Nikon and retailers, so I don't think the retailers have anything to worry about.
I checked it out and like Penguin, every DSLR body I looked at from the D3X all the way down to the D3000 asked me for a zip code so it could direct me to a local retailer.

The lenses are available for purchase through the website though.

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