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Dec 22, 2008
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I will be coming to New Orleans tomorrow to spend a few days.

Staying in the French Quarter. On Wednesday afternoon I plan on doing a shooting some photos at one of the cool cemeteries located so close.

I have been looking at satellite images and other pictures of them all for a week now. They all look like treasure troves of backgrounds.

Are there any especially cool places to shoot?

I like St. Louis #3 because it looks like it would have some good perspectives with the long, long rows.

Also, I want to visit Firemens Cemetery.

I did read on another board regarding tourists/photographers in New Orleans about some of the cemeteries being in questionable neighborhoods. Not sure how much truth to those statements are but any input would be helpful.

I did visit Your town several times for Mardi Gras in the early 90's and remember there being really great morning mist. Hugging the ground and swirling between the tombs. Does that happen at this time of year? I have seen a couple of news reports about a few days ago where you had crippling fog but you also had snow. Is fog common or was it a result.

I am pretty new to photography and have only had my D-80 a few months. I have a basic knowledge of the way the different settings interact though I have not ventured off of auto too much. If I am lucky enough to encounter the morning mist can someone suggest what settings will produce good results? I would like to take both B/W and Color shots if that makes a difference.

Also, are the cemeteries closed at night and on holidays or is it open access all the time?

I know in my area cemeteries are open but I am not sure these being so historic.

Christmas morning I are going to take advantage of the empty streets and snap some more pics. I would really like to take some against a brick wall with bright colored urban art. Any locations you can advise me on?

T.I.A. for all your answers.

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