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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Poverse, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Just starting to get into photography, got a good deal on a N65 and N60 with 2 lenses, and 2 flashes, for 100$. Both work great. Recently took some pics, in misty gloomy weather, i took pics and so did my buddy. They kinda got grainy. But we took pics with his before, and they got perfect.



    Now, i know nothing about settings, so teach me!!! And yes i know, film sucks, but i plan on saving for a digital in the next few months!!

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    Okay, in order: (1) Welcome; (2) Good deal; and (3) Film does NOT suck - digital has certain benefits, especially for people new to photography, but film is an excellent medium nonetheless! With respect to the issue of "settings", that's a little more than can be put in one, or even one hundred posts. I would recommend that you go through your camera manuals, and perhaps check your local library for 'Beginning Photography' type books. Once you've got some of the most basics weighed off, then you can ask specific questions that many here will be happy to help with.

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