New Photos CC plz

#1 - Looks over-processed, like you over-sharpened it or something.

#2 - Nice reflection shot. It's a little dark but you centered it like you should have.

#3 - Nice moody/mysterious kind of shot. The road curving upward in the upper right bothers me a little, but overall it's a nicely framed shot. I think it would be nice to try to crop it in to the houses on the left since they grab your attention anyway.
Thanks for the comment ya'll. I really enjoyed taken these shots. It was a a cool foggy morning with no sunshine, so I got to experiment a little. Has for number 3 I did not sharpen it, I just tried to bring it into Lightroom and bring it down, but its not happening. Any suggestions on what I could do to take the sharpness down a bit? I have some better shots of number 3 on my site if you wanna check them out. thanks again guys.

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