new pics tell me if ive improved


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Jan 24, 2009
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These are better than the ones you posted in this thread, but they still seem kinda random and heavily post processed. How much PP work are you doing to these?
mainly levels,curves,shadows,highlights,and da colors dats pretty much it
and i was also wondering what u meant by random???
Try and keep them as natural as possible to much pp is like to much make up some looks awesome but to much and people are like ew.
and i was also wondering what u meant by random???
There is no continuity between the images. You have 2 images of walkways, one of a car and one of a airplane. I guess you could say travel would be a theme, but still pretty random.

Here's my take on your photos:
1. Think about your guiding lines (the lines which draw the viewer's eye to the subject). In this photo, those lines created by the walkway and the fence take the viewer's attention to nothing really interesting. I would recommend a more square crop to eliminate more of the space on the left and right which don't contribute much to the photo (that is if the walkway is ytour focal point).

2. I really like the shadows on the walkway here, especially the dominant one in front, but I don't like the off center placement of the pathway, it feels unnatural. The PP around the branches of the trees have created a blue fringe that does not look appealing.

3. Too much contrast. You've lost all detail in the light of the sky and the dark of the car. The background isn't at all contributing to the photo so you should've taken this at a lower angle to hide that stuff. Also, if you can, get yourself out of the reflection on the bumper (unless it is intentional).

4. My favorite, but I like a very moody, lo-fi look. It reminds me of the tonal range you can get from a Polaroid. I think you could take down the contrast a little here, but it wouldn't matter much with a small resolution here. It also looks like you have spot in the upper portion of the photo. I would love to see a bigger version of this one.

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