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New Studio!! Tricia (C&C pls)


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Mar 23, 2012
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So I moved out of my dad's house. Got my own place, and set up a studio where my dining room is supposed to be. Finally got to use my backdrop and everything... it was awesome.

I got to test it out with Tricia - here are some of my favorites. Comments welcome!


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Nicely done for a "dining room" haha. I would actually be curious to sure a BTS set up of everything if you don't mind sharing.

As far as the actual photos go, I like them all but #1, I'm not sure if its the composition or the pose, maybe both? But something just bugs me.

The rest are great though, I love #4 and #3 is great with the BW and the light fall off.

Nicely done
Yeah, I feel like #1 isn't a bad photo, but it doesn't really match the vibe of the others.

Yeah, I can do a BTS if you'd like. It's pretty simple, actually. Stay tuned for something posted tonight.
Agree with Sean; #1 just looks 'off'; rather like you caught her just as she was getting ready to pose. #2 is very nice, but two points: You've cropped her left arm along its axis which is an unforgivable sin and one light seems a bit out of place since her right shoulder is brighter than I thik is ideal.
#3 us a great concept, but for me, the DoF is just too thin. Again, there's a lot of (IMO) unnecessary light on her chest.
#4 is the winner; lovely look and very nice lighting. This one just works!
Thanks for the feedback, John.

Here are some edits with those highlights brought down a little.

DSC_0236-2-2.JPG DSC_0272-2-2.jpg

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