new stuff for you guys to critique, friends sorta engagement set.


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Sep 24, 2010
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Did these for my friend and new fiancee. don't think they were going to have any done. she was all happy for it and excited, he could care less and hates having his photos done. closest i got was his shirt colors somewhat similar to hers. let me know what you think. and as always with my pics, please be brutal if need be.


P&K00019 by JayC photography, on Flickr


P&K00016 by JayC photography, on Flickr


P&K00011 by JayC photography, on Flickr


P&K0002 by JayC photography, on Flickr
I know I am a noob, but #3 I can't focus on the subject. I keep checking to see what time it is. The clock tower is bugging me. There is a lot of background noise in it. I'm not any better with eliminating background noise, but maybe bumping up the f-stop would have helped it.

Kinda the same thing with #4. If you could have gotten higher or turned yourself a little to the left and off centerd them it would have been pretty good. Overall quality is nice though.
yeah for three i was trying to get the clock tower in without it being too distracting. for us it kinda gives a location to where they were since if you are from around here you'd know where they were by the bridge and tower. maybe its too much though.

#4 was actually just a quick shot i got as i looked up. we were in between some shots, think i might have been switching cameras and they just looked very natural and relaxed so i took it. so that one kinda just is what it is. i personally prefer the more natural shots to the staged ones. ive never been a huge fan of the posed shots. but im trying to learn them because they will be needed.

#2 was trying to save it. i really like how they were situatated, thought they both had a great look, just the sun was blasting him. she is in the shade of the sun. went in thru cs5 and selected him and worked the exposure down some so it wasn's so drastic on him. i was kinda proud of myself on that one since im just learning photoshop basically. you guys may still think it sucked, but i really liked how it came out lol.

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