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Aug 15, 2011
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Model desiree
she brought her "lighter" with her fun prop
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Nice shots. I'd like to see a rim light to help define her shadowed side against the background.
These photos lend new meaning to the phrase "Saturday night special" being a Saturday, and she posing with a small 'handgun' and all...I like photo #2 the most.
there's some distracting shadow on her lower (lower) back that looks like a reddish rash on the 1st and 3rd one but she's a beauty...I like #2 the best of the set.

edit: actualy the coloration I mentioned is visible on all 3 shots?
A rim something might be nice, damn. The hair could maybe use some editing it's a little snarly looking.
Pretty good, but I've seen better from you.

One thing to watch for, that you usually don't want, is an angle/pose that leaves the model's eye on the horizon of of the face. Besides whatever technical reason, it often ends up that the model has to crank their eyes way over to you, leave a lot of white eyeball showing.

Also, her messy hair is a distraction, especially on the far side of her head, behind her face.
I would work on the skin a little bit.
I saw this earlier but didn't have time to comment. The first thing that came to mind was the same as what has already been mentioned now- some processing on the skin would dramatically improve the images.

Also watch the legs in positions such as the last one. With the processing/vignetting that you used, her legs are morphing together. Obvious separation defining each individual leg is always much more flattering.
thanks or the comments guys i agree skin could use a little smoothing and the vignette is over done.

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