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Apr 10, 2009
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I just wanted to say hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been doing photography as a hobby for about 4 years now...but with film. I absolutely love shooting black & white and love nothing more than being in a dark room! Alas, I no longer have access to a dark room and cannot stomach the idea of someone else developing my film. So after much personal resistance I have made the jump to the digital-dark-side. :er: ...ok so it's not so bad now that I've actually done it...I have to say it is much more convenient and I find myself taking alot more pictures. With that said, I sometimes feel I'm learning photography all over again. :confused:

I am definitely a newbie at all of this and still have so much to learn about photography. I'm hoping to learn alot from all of you. Please feel free to offer suggestions, criticism (constructive please :blushing:), comments about any pics I post. That's what I'm here learn and grow.

Welcome to the forum.

I made the same full shift from film to digital a number of years back. After around 40 years of darkroom work (the first 5 or so as a child assisting my father) and a few years hiatus from photography altogether, I resumed shooting, but digital only.

You'll find that digital isn't really the "dark side". Your time spent in a chemical darkroom will put you ahead of the digital-only newbies when it comes to understanding image adjustment and correction. With a good image editor and a very good printer, you should become quite satisfied with digital.

10 years in on my serious digital photography, my B&W work is a good match for my old B&W work. I was an excellent B&W darkroom worker with top drawer equipment (35mm Nikons, Nikkor lenses, 4x5 with Nikkor lenses, Beseler englarger with Nikon and Schneider lenses, ...). My current digital B&W (Nikon cp8400, PS/CS4, HP bB9180 printer) will match the best of my old work up to the 13x19 limit of the printer.
Hello, and welcome!

Be sure to check out the contests, as they are fun and a good way to learn as well

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