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Apr 10, 2009
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Lancaster, PA
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This is my cat, Tango. I thought the shot came out excellent compared to the quality I could get from my point and shoot. I took this picture about 3 days after I got the camera so I was more learning and practicing, rather then going for composition and artistry. I am still getting used to using the 50mm f/1.8.

This is straight out of camera and resized with no photoshop work. I really dislike the way resizing makes it blury, though I guess it's not the sharpest photo either. I can't seem to take pristene sharp photos. :thumbdown:

Is posting photos that have been altered in photoshop ok? I hope so :)

This is another one of Tango. He is an inside cat but I will occasinally allow him out onto the front concrete steps. I have been trying to take photos with more of an angle to them rather than more up and down straight on.

This is Zoe, this shot was not set up so there are shopping bags in the background. But I thought it turned out pretty good. If was shot at f/1.8 I believe and I love that Tango is in the background.

These last 2 I will show you are from experimenting with my kit lens. And also experimenting with photoshop as well.

My daughter at chiques overlook, looking at the mighty Susquehanna. I was playing with some actions, but i'm not sure I m happy with the edit.

Beautiful overcast sunny day. Here the sun is behind the clouds and the tree.

Thank you for looking and for your comments. :mrgreen:
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all i have to say is resizing it to the size it is shown should not make it anymore blurry.

also if you can't get sharp images with a 50mm, not to be rude, but your doing something wrong
Thank you for setting me straight on the resizing issue. That was something I was not aware of. I guess it just seems like it happens from SOOC to posted on the web. Although, it would have been nice had you had anything to say about a photo I posted.

Yes, I gather I am doing something wrong. That's why I am in the beginners forum and striving to learn my new camera and lens.
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