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Aug 17, 2008
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St. Louis, MO
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I just set my flickr and i have add only a hand full of pictures that i liked from a day of shooting in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri with some friends. Overall i really like just how nice everything looks and the layout of flickr. I used to use photobucket and i wasn't really "digin it". I am mainly looking for some sugestions on how to use flickr to the fullest, or some groups to join, or other ways to get my work out there. Thanks as always to the members to that help out.
I suggest finding groups that specify the camera brand you use, the area you live in, photoshop...etc. Once you upload over 200ish, I suggest upgrading to the "pro" account for $20+ bucks for like 2 years or something.
Make sure to tag your pictures according to the specifics so you'll get more traffic. Flickr itself is an easy tool for networking. My boss found me over flickr and now I'm typing at work as we speak ;)
The more user pages you visit and comment on, you'll leave a trail for them to follow as well and it'll eventually build up!
I really agree with what moon said. The thing you have to remember about flickr, is be ACTIVE in the community. Comment a lot, but try to leave good comments. Join groups. Comment more. They're so many people on flickr that if you really want to get noticed you need to show up in a lot of photo comments lol.

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