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Outdoor Portrait C&C


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Jan 14, 2009
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A casual outdoor portrait. I think it came out pretty well. Thoughts?


Coloring wise, I think her face is probably a little red.

And I would probably crop it a bit, though if you wanted to print it you might need some of the space on one end or the other. From the bottom I would suggest making it so that you can't see the jeans. On the top, you may want to crop maybe half of the bricks above her head or less... Leave some of them there though.

Overall nice shot, very sharp.
I love the contrast between the vibrant blues of the model's eyes and blouse, against the brick background, I also like the way the bricks are sharpe focused on the girls right hand side and then blurring on the left. As mentioned already a 10% crop at the top would make the print look more compact. All in all a nice pic, Id be quite happy with that. :thumbup:
oh, i likes. the lighting looks very natural.
Thanks for the comments, I guess I'll have to work a little more on my cropping and posing of the people I shoot.
I agree crop it a little tighter so you don't see the jeans. I think the color is good. Looks like she got some sun. :)
Great picture. Was this just with natural light? Or did you have a flash and strobe?

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