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Feb 8, 2009
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Hey name is Nate. I am new to the whole photo thing. I have a Canon Rebel EOS XSI with a 18-55 mm and 55-250 MM lenses. I just wanted to throw out some of the first shots I took and get some feedback. Thanks in advance for the help!






Hello and welcome to TPF! Don't hesitate to continue posting!

I can see in the first couple that you're experimenting with shallow depths of field! Unfortunately, none of them are truly in focus...

It's also very difficult when you try to shoot directly into the sun (it's also quite a risk to your lenses!).

That being said, great start, and keep practicing!
1. This is my favorite of the lot. The sign really stands out and is contrasted nicely with its background. The bokeh is nice IMHO.

2. This is nice and a runner up to #1. Although the background has a nice blur to it, the subject itself seems blurred too. The reeds have more focus.

3. I think that if you would have focused just a little more to the right you would have had a the entire fence line stand out more.

4. I'm not sure where you were going with this photograph, but its cool.

5. I like how the flames have been captured. A different perspective would have been interesting to see. For example, see the flames from the same plane as the grill.

6. The sun blots out the picture. Unless you're going for some sort of commentary on how man is ruining nature, I would crop out the tire tracks in the sand.
Interesting perspectives and some creative ideas..........

Work on where you want your focus to start and end (depth of field) and adjust our f-stop and focus point for that view using the DOf button on the camera..

Shooting into the sun is always interesting, and a challenge... The top of the pole in the foreground shouldn't be there........

Keeop shooting, keep learning....... photography is an interesting, addictive, and self rewarding effort....
#1 - Slightly overexposed. Could use more contrast and a little more color saturation. Could also be sharpened up more...looks soft. Composition is okay but really doesn't do much for least you didn't center the sign.

#2 - Nice shallow DOF. Exposure looks good. Don't care for the centering of the fluffy stuff. Looks slightly OOF (Out Of Focus) and could be sharpened...image looks soft.

#3 - This image is really OOF...nothing looks to be in focus. It's really drab too.

#4 - Interesting image but it's really soft and could use more color and contrast. The diagonals add some dynamics to a static image.

#5 - Doesn't do anything for me.

# 6 - The horizon is slightly tilted to the right and is almost centered horizontally. The sun is too centered. I like the repetitive lines in the sand and waves. Colors are drab.

How much PP work are you doing to these?

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