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    I never thought it was going to be this hard to decide which dSLR to purchase. I have read most of the reviews and charts on dslrs under $600. There is the XS, A230, D40, D3000, K2000, and so on. Before I start asking questions I will get this off my chest. Does anyone know if I can buy a Pentax K200d for under $550. I dont really want it used though, but refurbished would be fine. That is the camera I would love to purchase but it is just a bit out of my range.

    Now I am not going to ask which is the best because each camera has features that stand out from the others. In my point of view, I really like nikon and canon for having the IS in the lens, but the XS feels really cheap to me in my hands and I am not to sure I like the D3000. Furthermore, I have really been pulled by Pentax, and by pulled I mean attracted to. I dont know why but I know I will fall in love with there cameras. What are some personal reviews on the K2000? I am not too sure about the K2000 since it is pretty new. Finally I plan to photograph mostly snowboarding and action shots so I am going to need a camera with fast AF, good low light, and fast FPS, and a solid well built camera. Which is why I love the K200d! lol

    Also I found a Nikon D40 for sale, and it comes with the AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-RD lens along with the stock 18-55mm lens. It compares in price with a new Rebel XS on B&H photos. Would this be the best deal because I will have a lens with the camera? Would it be better to buy new or used? Hope I get some great answers and Thanks for the help!


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