new to phoyography tell me how it looks?


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Mar 6, 2012
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Yea just started photography and took this just some touch up editing


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Well, generally you'd want to have the horizon straight. The water clearly isn't running downhill, so it's very obvious that the horizon is not level. The Deer also seem to be a touch underexposed. There are also some red branches coming into the lower right hand side of the frame which harms the composition by being a visually distracting element.

It's nice that you got to capture some deer, there's a little bit that you could do to make this photo pop. Level the horizon for starters.
I would also push up the saturation on the colors and work on nailing your focus. Was this shot straight to JPEG or are you shooting in RAW?
Crop out the highway & signs in the background. They distract from the subjects.
Thanks and now i see what you mean what editing software is that and it was strate to jpg

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