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Aug 26, 2010
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Olive Hill, Ky
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I've been shooting for a little bit, and had a few jobs, but I'm completely new here, so I think I'll post these here. Just some random photo's from my port to kind of get started here I guess.

Edit: The reason that I posted here and not in an introduction forum is because I am also looking for advice or critiques or whatever else. I live in a small town and I get a lot of people saying the pictures are awesome and all that, but I don't get a lot from other photographers.

Garrett Carroll 03/19/10 by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr

Flood by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr

Kids at the Lake. by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr

Casey Chaos 03/19/10 by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr

Casey Chaos 03/19/10 by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr
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1. is pretty cool. seems a bit overexposed and a bit flat imo. id also like to see a straight on shot of that sweet sweet 'stache.

2. again, seems a bit flat. could use some contrast to me. cool subject though.

3. seems to have a warm green cast. compositionally - snapshot. towering over the kid. dead center. lopped off his foot.

4. harsh lighting conditions, but looks like you made the best of it. not diggin the facial expression or pose. i just saw winds of plague, so that's a win! ;)

5. def like the pose better in this one. some blowouts, but it looks like harsh light again. unfortunate crop with the toes.

good set overall! welcome to the forum.
keep on shootin! :thumbup:
Yea, the one with the missing foot is totally a snapshot. It's my son from a day at the lake and I wasn't too worried with composition at the time unfortunately. It was just one of the first photos that I really started learning post processing with. The rest are within the first 6 months of when I started shooting. Those are some of favorite from around that time frame.

Sweet Stache

G Money again by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr

I've also had a lot of shoots with pretty bad lighting conditions here. I do a lot of lifestyle photography and this summer has just been ridiculous. Hopefully the fall will be better to me haha.
I would also like to add that the guy and girl was from my first what I consider "real" shoot. They wanted some photos together and I literally knew nothing about post processing. I still have the RAW files so I may re visit these haha.

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