New to the site and have a few ???'s, thanks!

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    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to photgraphy, so new I dont even own a camera yet :lol: I want to start my new "hobby" (for me anyway) off with some pictures that would involve random people from the city I live in. Just pictures of people at work and play and compile them on a website for the public. What types of permissions would I have to get from these people to take there pictures and post them online? None would be candid shots, they would all be direct and acknowledging the camera and the photographer. I would just hate to get a lawsuit down the road !!!

    My second question is whats camera should I get? I know thats not a great question to ask with so many options but what would you get for my needs based on your personal experience and why? DSLR with a emphasis on newbie friendliness and "portrait" type photography in mind.

    Thanks a ton :thumbup: for ANY input you have on this, super green and just trying to absorb as much as I can from the internets!

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    If you plan on making money on the shots, you'll need a model release form for them to sign... and that pretty much exhausts my knowledge of the topic. :lmao:

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