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Jan 26, 2012
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San Francisco
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Okay, as my title says, I am a newbie! I am still getting the hang of checking out the site and reading the forums. I am still a bit confused on how to start a thread (or whatever you may call it)
Anyways, my main reason for posting this is because I just bought a Nikon D7000. I got the kit lens with the camera, but I am also looking to invest in another lens... however, i have no idea where to even begin!

Basically I wanted to ask all you guys for suggestions.
I do a wide variety of photography (and I do plan on purchasing more lenses as my finances will allow me to)
I need lens that I can use for portraits, fashion, & even nature shots.
I am able to spend around $300

in suggestions would be much appreciated and/or describing which lenses are good for what.

& I look forward to hearing from you guys!

-lady Noire
Welcome to the group!
Really, when you are first starting to learn you are better off to wait just a little bit. As you begin shooting with your camera and learning how it works you will find out what you NEED. We can make recommendations but they aren't guaranteed to be right for you. Everyone has their own style of shooting and they use different lenses for different things.

As a whole we usually recommend getting the Nifty Fifty to everyone in your shoes. It's uber cheap, sharp and fast (meaning it can shoot in lower light.)
There are a few reasons for that... It will give you a taste of a prime lens (no zoom), a taste of a lens that will work in pretty low light situations and will also make it easier to learn with seeing how the aperture never changes like the ones that read something like 3.5-5.6. And it's amazing for it's price.

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