New to this site and thinking of starting to shoot for money. Few pictures.


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Jan 16, 2012
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I'm no professional, but what do you guys think of these pictures? Taken with my Canon 5D II.




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here's a few more.

Skylar 1.jpg

skylar 5.jpg

I think I would have preferred to see both dogs in focus in #2, but I see where you were trying to go with it. #5 is good, except I honestly would have left her arms in the photo, its just distracting to have them leave and then pop right back in again imo. #7 does a good job of capturing a moment, but there is just a bit too much empty space I think. So overall, I would say #2 and 7 are your money-shots, the rest seem more like "snapshots" to me. Nothing against snapshots, they are just as important, but I don't think people would pay for the caliber of work seen in a snapshot very often.
Is your monitor calibrated by any chance?
They are fun snapshots for your family :) 3,4 and 5 are extremely orange (look at their skin), 6 is cool, and 7 is sweet but a muddy (not enough blacks and whites) conversion. Of all of them despite the chopped piggies the last one is my favorite, it may be a personal thing though because I grew up with a german shepard <3 I agree with Togalive too about the dogs, and want to add its often hard on the eye to have a prominant subject out of focus in the foreground. The composition in #2 is a bit off too, I think because the dogs head is chopped.
I like number 1 but you seriously need to correct your white balance/calibrate your monitor. I have a lousy computer but there is no need to calibrate it yet because it is pretty accurate.

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