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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by PicturePerfect1, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Hello, I am a college student studying photography and recently set full steam ahead to build my business. I have a couple backdrops (some painted walls) a set of "Alien Bee" lights, a Cannon 30D with 35-80 4.0, 17-55 4.0, and 70-300 4.0 lens ... I use Capture One LE to process my raw files... I have an online viewing gallery through PhotoReflect to show clients images, and I also provide them with a "proof CD" with a slideshow (PixExp) and album (firehand lightning) ... I am looking for feedback on what my next purchases should be. I would like to know what the "noticeable" differences are between Capture One LE and Capture One PRO (i have read the details online, but have yet to find anything i am lacking in LE...) ... I am looking to purchase a light meter, lens, etc. In the near future.... (I am a college student and broke so these purchases will come one at a time slowly... for this reason I would like feedback on what is most important and what has helped you the most)

    Thank you!!!

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    I've had/have both LE and Pro, but Lightroom is what I use. This program kicks butt on anything Phase One has to offer.
    Hope that helps.

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