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Aug 22, 2010
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First off, awesome forum! I have learned a lot already and haven't even received my camera yet!

I have been wanting to move up from my point and shoot and have decided on a Nikon D5000. I plane to use it as a hobby and to learn as much as I can. At first I was dead set against refurb, due to my perceived "bad thoughts" of buying something not new. The more I have read on here the more I am contemplating sending my new one back and buying a refurb from Adorama. Ultimately my goal is to save $$$ to buy more accessories. It would save me about 140-150 bucks!

New with a 1 year warranty vs. Refurb with a (bought) 3 year extended warranty? Are these warranites comparable? Would love to hear people experiences/views on this subject.
I bought a D5000 a few months ago...refurb from B&H. It came with 1700 shots (I shoot that in a week on my D90) and works flawlessly. I didn't purchase the extended warranty either. I have enough faith in the Nikon brand to feel I don't need it.

Also remember.....a refurb has had a specific tech look that camera over from top to bottom whereas a new item has just been put through a random selection process on the assembly line..the one you buy was probably not actually tested or looked over individually. For this reason, I feel that a refurb has even less chance of having a problem than a new item.

Those (and the price difference) are the things that led me to purchase a refurb unit.
i bought my camera used, its working flawlessly
Refurb is the way to go, they have a higher quality control then new; and you get a 90 day warranty--as with anything electronic, if it doesn't die in the first couple months, then it's not likely to die until well past the date the typical 1 year warranty would last.
Ive bought refurb and had issues. I've bought brand new and had issues (and found that no matter what, the warranty seems to always be voided for some odd reason or another...but that's another long and painful set of stories). I still stand by refurb. Heck, I even take my chances on used and buy a lot on eBay, to tell the truth, and that gets you zero warranty. Do what you are comfy with and what keeps you in food and electricity, lol.
My first SLR was the Canon Rebel XSi (450D). Bought the body only refurb for $400! Was a steal at the time as they retailed at least $200+. Never had a problem and when I was ready to upgrade I sold it off for a bit of profit.

If you're considering buying ANYTHING refurbished though, always look to see WHERE it is a refurb from. From the camera company itself it okay i.e Nikon, Canon etc. If it's a refurb done third party or in store I'd stay away from it.
just an fyi...all refurbs from adorama and B&H are refurbed directly by canon or nikon.
I've purchased refurb from Adorama before and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. As mentioned, these are factory refurb units and changes are they will be as good as new when you get them.
People sending back perfectly good new cameras, is one of the sources of cameras that need to be inspected and resold, as refurbished.
Thanks for all the refurb, from Adorama, should be here tomorrow! :thumbup: I also ordered a Nikon 55mm - 200mm f/4-5.6G ED-IF AF-S....can't wait to get started!
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Congrats! The D5000 is a good camera.

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