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Deleted due to a massive brain fart on the part of the keyboard operator!
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Okay uploaded a few to my photo album, ...what the difference between member gallery & user gallery? Sorry newbie here.
Deleted due to early senility affecting he who posted here... ;)
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Geeezzzzzzz Charlie; it's the website forum fercryin'outloud... he can't embed his whole 'site in a post...
On the 'site itself; I think it could stand some revision. I find the choice yellow & blue text rather jarring, and the way the images seem to 'jump' around is somewhat disconcerting. Try using an HTML based gallery application such as jalbum to generate image galleries.
Yes, new to Forums, the day i started this thread was my first Forum day! I noticed many Forums have different rules/procedures about posting. I am new to forums & building websites, but not new to computers & cameras.

Just taking the time to share & grow.

I have made a few cosmetic changes as TiredIron suggested above. if you have time re-check it & let me know.

Thanks for the ideas.

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