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Dec 22, 2007
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I didn't notice I was supposed to post down here too. I've been up above posting questions because I just purchased my first SLR, I don't know anything about photography other than what I think looks lovely so I'm very excited.

I'm a theatre educator and director and discovered that most high school and community theatres never get the chance to see great shots of themselves looking great on stage so I'm hoping to eventually market myself as a cheapie but great opportunity for archival and marketing shots. I say cheapie because I don't know anything yet so I won't charge much! :D

In the meantime, I'll be following my toddler around for shots...

Welcome to TPF.
Welcome, glad you found the forum. BTW, kids are GREAT photographic instructors. If you can get a toddler to remain still for a photo shoot, or appear to sit still for said shoot, then you are a master my friend. Now, let's see some pix of your crumb cruncher.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum :)

Toddlers make *great* photo subjects... even better, when they are teenagers, you can pull out the pics and embarrass the heck out of them (but I never did that.. no.. not me :lmao: )

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