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Apr 6, 2009
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I just recently purchased my first D-SLR And still learning the fuctions, let me know what you think so far! dont hold back :lol:




Thanks for your feedback
1- The part that is in focus is the foreground road. I’m sure this was intended, but I don’t really find asphalt that interesting a subject to look at.

2- Better than the first, but there is something that just irks me. Might be that there is too much of the car in the shot, I dunno. Can’t put my finger on it. Not a fan of the background either. I find that my eye keeps wandering to the fence

3- The bricks are under-exposed (too dark), probably due to the sky being so bright. The building is a bit off as well. I find that in pictures like this one, I prefer more symmetry, such as ensuring that the building is filling the frame the same on both sides. In this case, the left side is lower than the right side.

And I’d try and clone out that branch on the upper right. :)
Why a A300 a Nikon would have been a great beginner Dslr
1. I think I have an idea of what you were trying to accomplish but it woul of looked better if you bokehed the road & had the car in focus cause having the car like that is kinda annoying
2.loving your perspective & how to incorporate different subjects all at the same time
3 same feeling as the 2nd

They are good for a beginner IMO and how you angle your subject are different in a good way
Thanks, and yea they were quick around the house shots using everything as it was, the bricks would have def been better lined up correctly and with out the branches. Oh and i am going to try to recreate that one with the car in the backround cause you gave me a good idea!! ;)

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